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Dental crowns come in all shapes and sizes to restore a damaged, broken or cracked tooth. The team at The Square have many years of expertise in using crowns to strengthen your existing tooth, creating an even and complete smile.

Browse through our galley and take a look at our impressive natural looking crowns, seeing is believing.

Crowns may be required for many reasons, for example your tooth may have suffered from decay that results in your existing tooth structure being unable to support a filling. Crowns also are ideal if a large cavity or root canal treatment requires the additional protection and support a crown offers.

The exact type of dental crown required depends on your particular situation. There are a wide variety of crown materials available from metal based solutions to porcelain caps and an in depth consultation and your dentist at The Square will ensure the most suitable and effective treatment is implemented.

Once the optimum treatment plan is decided your dentist will prepare the tooth, cleaning and removing any decay and reshaping if necessary to ensure the crown is a comfortable fit. Your new crown is moulded in a laboratory to ensure a perfect fit to your tooth and during the procedure is bonded to the tooth. Our high quality crowns can last many years and we are positive you’ll be impressed with the results.