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If you have lost a tooth due to extraction or one just went missing! Then a bridge can help restore the appearance of a complete set of teeth and completely transform your smile in a way you may not have thought possible.

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When a tooth is lost or extracted the surrounding teeth can often shift position causing problematic issues with your bite and gums. The swift replacement of the missing tooth is the best way to prevent these issues developing and to improve the aesthetics of your teeth as a whole allowing you to laugh once more with confidence.

There are a number of solutions to replacing a missing tooth and your dentist will discuss all the options available to you ensuring the most effective course of action is taken. Should a bridge be the selected option then your dentist will begin the process. Both singular and multiple gaps can be rectified through the implementation of a fixed dental bridge.

The teeth on either side of the space are used as anchors for the bridge to sit within the gap. The new tooth, known as the pontic, most commonly made from porcelain, is bonded to crowns fixed to the teeth either side of the gap. The bridge is formed to perfectly fit the space creating an even and natural looking surface. A dental bridge will prevent issues with bite, speech or face shape from developing and improve the appearance of your smile as a whole.