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Teeth Straightening

The quest for straight teeth has lead you to the right place, permanent braces with unsightly wires are in the past. Move into the future, create straight teeth and a beautiful smile that can transform the way you look and feel using the latest in invisible braces or virtually undetectable removable aligners.

Take a look at our gallery of straight, beautiful and aligned smiles, our cases speak for themselves.

Here at The Square Advanced Dental Care we are experienced in the latest invisible brace technology and we are here to introduce you to a new way, the future of teeth alignment. Straightening your teeth comfortably, discreetly and in the least invasive manner. Make an appointment with our specialist orthodontist today and see what invisible braces can do for you.

How Invisable Braces work:

There are many reasons why you feel your teeth would benefit from a straightening process, whatever your age. From overcrowding to widely spaced teeth, crossbites, underbites or overbites invisible braces can help.


The process is effective but also convenient, the aligners are clear and therefore discreet, removable so you can eat and drink as normal and comfortable, no metal wires or brackets that may cause irritation.

Your invisible brace treatment programme is tailored to suit you. Based around a set of almost invisible, removable aligners the program works through a gradual process of straightening. The aligners, individually manufactured for a perfect fit, are changed every two weeks. Each replacement aligner will move your teeth gradually into the next desired position day by day, week by week to reach the final and perfect position and beautifully straight, attractive teeth.