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Metal Free Crowns

Teeth that need rebuilding need special attention. Broken teeth, teeth that have been weakened through decay or large fillings can be reformed extremely effectively using metal free crowns.

Take a look at our gallery and be astounded at how broken teeth can become beautiful teeth.

The porcelain crown placed over the tooth creates a natural, complete and attractive looking smile. Our advanced crowns, also known as ‘caps’ add strength to damaged teeth, correcting the shape and creating the contour of a natural tooth. Damaged teeth appear smooth and consistent and a crown can help protect your tooth, preventing further damage. The application can also be used to improve the appearance of an older, discoloured filling, to help protect a root canal or to assist in holding a bridge or denture more firmly in place.

How it works:

The crown procedure begins with the preparation of the tooth to allow for the correct fitting of the new crown. Your dentist will talk you through how much or how little of the existing tooth will need to be removed to ensure the perfect fit. Crowns can be fitted to any of your teeth that require the treatment, those fitted to front teeth are known as ‘Anterior crowns’ and those fitted to back teeth are known as ‘Posterior Crowns’.

After an initial consultation with your dentist a mould of your tooth is taken to form your bespoke crown and to ensure your new crown is a perfect match. Once the crown is ready it is placed over the top of the tooth and bound into position using a super strong adhesive. A well looked after crown can last for many years and your dentist will give you all the necessary advice on how to keep it strong and healthy.