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About Implants

If you happen to be missing a tooth or a number of teeth then here at The Square Advanced Dental Care we offer a number of options to help restore your natural smile and confidence. In most cases the best possible solution to creating natural looking and feeling teeth are dental implants.

Dental implants are on the cutting edge of dental technology and until recently the only course of action for missing teeth was dentures or a bridge. Although both are effective methods a bridge can result in the healthy, neighbouring teeth to the gap being drilled into and filled and dentures can sometimes feel loose and cause pain.

Dental implants are so effective because they have no negative effect on neighbouring teeth. They are fixed firmly into place integrating into your body’s natural tissue imitating perfectly the teeth they are replacing. The implant is made up of a titanium rod fixed into the jawbone supporting one or more false teeth. We only use implants that come with a proven track record and excellent clinical results to ensure you experience the highest quality treatment.

Why choose us? Here at The Square Advanced Dental Care we make it our priority for all of our patients to experience excellence in every aspect of our surgery and we believe that noone exemplifies this better than our implantologists. All members of the implantology team are UK trained to a high level with surgical and restorative experience.

The team is headed by Professor Craig Barclay, an internationally recognised speaker on dental implants, who has over twenty years’ experience in restoring implant systems and over fifteen years surgical experience in grafting surgical implants. Professor Barclay is a mentor for many dentists starting out in implant dentistry and runs a nationally recognised training course. In addition he has developed a web based implant recognition system allowing patients and dentists a way to identify which system any given patient may have. With credentials like this you can be sure you are in the safest of hands.