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2 Hollins House
329 Hale Road
Hale Barns
WA15 8TS

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Year 2 - Postgraduate Diploma in Restorative Dentistry

To achieve a Postgraduate Diploma in Restorative Dentistry, 120 credits must be achieved by studying the following:

NM7145 Patient assessment, treatment planning and occlusion - 20 credits

NM7146 Fixed and removable prosthodontics - 20 credits

NM7147 Endodontics and periodontology - 20 credits

NM7148 Implant, aesthetic and advanced restorative techniques - 40 credits

NM7069 Research - 20 credits

Year 2 consists of two core modules, NM7148 Implant, aesthetic and advanced restorative techniques and NM7069 Research. NM7148 will build on the knowledge and skills students gained during year 1 to explore more complex cases and advanced restorative techniques. The modules can be completed in any sequence, and the Research module will facilitate students to extend their knowledge of empirical methods and develop a research proposal that will provide a valuable foundation for the dissertation. There is an exit award following successful completion of 120 credits, a Postgraduate Diploma in Restorative Dentistry.